Designs got disturbed after development phase! really? isn’t this sounds wierd?

I recently did a project for music community, i was anxiously waiting to see my design running on the web. Yesterday client came to me with a URL of final demo, he said i am quite happy with it! I quickly opened the URL and i was pissed off when i saw the result, i talked to him and told him about the pixel perfection things and design QA after development mode. He said designs got disturbed when we put original data in it, typical Cheap Developer Words i guess.

My message to all this sort of developer community. Kindly do not try to put extra things in the design if so, must consult it with the project’s designer. Try to match every single pixel of your developed design with designer’s photoshop version.

Thanks :)

If u cannot stop your self by doing something bad or wrong then make the restrictions in your way and let them stop you. Because you are the only one ( after ALLAH) who knows that how to stop your self.

Try it!!!