1. Very True! i am facing it now a days :) It’s hard to say NO but i have hope that my NO will be good for me one day!

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  2. Design is always about making things better and better and better!

  3. neilperkin:

    How Apple greet their new employees on their first day

    This should apply on every work we do!!! Not just in apple!

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  4. Making something “good to see” is easy but making something “good to use” is tough :)

    I learned this from my last days experience.


  5. "

    “Design is not about inventing new things all the time. Design is an evolution of things.”

    And It’s not just about the design i think, it applies on the businesses as well. Constructing a same business with new thoughts.

    Like google is hitting evernote these days with their product keep and they just think differently.

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  6. Designing is not a profession it’s an art of how you make the things easier for people.


  7. If u cannot stop your self by doing something bad or wrong then make the restrictions in your way and let them stop you. Because you are the only one ( after ALLAH) who knows that how to stop your self.

    Try it!!!

  8. androidniceties:

    Google Keep | Google Play link

    Great work

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  9. "Hover importance in a website"
    — I think a website without hovers is like a person with no voice. I take hover as a reply which we get from a person we talk. It performs great role between a user and website interaction.

  10. Every small need can be huge business

    Competition on internet is increasing day by day and every tiny need of user is coming a huge business for companies for example instagram, pocket, feedly and there are many other small needs of the user.

    But finding that need and how to fullfil that is the real game.